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10 Amazing Dog Hairstyle

Does your puppy look shabby? it is essential to groom them regularly. Most of the time, due to our busy schedule, dog grooming generally gets pushed aside for other commitments. Pooch hair care is essential as it makes your dog look good and provides health benefits. Regular brushing and combing your pooch ventilate their fur which helps in growing healthy and strong hairs by removing old and damaged ones. Grooming is efficient in identifying any problems sooner rather than later. Running a brush through their fur provides an excellent massage which also develops healthy blood circulation. 

Dogs are like humans they also feel good when they are clean and healthy. Dog grooming will spread skin oils throughout the fur, which result in fewer tangles and will be good for their body Plus Brushing and combing is a great bonding time. The more routinely you do it, the more your canine get used to it. The loose hair can get tangled, which can cause matting if it is not brushed routinely, can worsen by pulling on their skin and make painful sore patches. Our dogs can't tell us when and where it hurts; hence it is essential to groom them regularly.

Well, when grooming your pooch, you can use some luxury dog collars. It will give an aesthetic touch to your little four-legged friend.

10 Amazing Dog hairstyles:

1.  Kennel Cut

   Kennel Cut

 This is an everyday shave down with generally a 1/2 inch of hair or less left on your canine's body. This cut is usually shorter, although the final touch is always up to you. A kennel cut will look different on each dog, and this is a favourite hairstyle for a busy owner because this short-styled fur requires less grooming time, is easy to maintain, inexpensive, and makes your pup look very stylish. 

 2.  Teddy Bear Trim

Teddy bear trim

 The teddy bear cut keeps more hair around the canine face than the body. This softens the dog's face and makes it look like a teddy bear. The teddy bear cut is very famous among various small breeds with curly hair such as Shih Tzu, Bichon Frise, Cocker Spaniel or Maltese. You need not go too short with this cut, and one can go for whichever length is best for their pooch. If your dog hates going to the groomer, a shorter cut will give your pooch longer relief. To make you pup look cooler in this look or haircut, use luxury dog collars.

 3.  Topknot:

shih tzu dog

This hairstyle is suitable for long-haired pooches like Shih-Tzu, Maltese, Yorkshire Terries. Top knots keep the long flowing hair off their eyes. Hair on the rest of the body can be clipped to any length. This hairstyle keeps your dog’s fur-free from moisture and debris while playing, eating and drinking. In the top knot, a few of the hair on the head is gathered and secured with a band, bow, or clip, fashioning it with a ponytail.

 4.  Ponytail and ties: 

shih tzu Dog

If your dog’s face covering its eyes, or you want to make it look more fashionable, then putting its hair in a ponytail is the attractive way. Like human hair, you can use unique hair ties, even for dogs. After cleaning and brushing, you can tie ponytails and pigtails with your pet’s head, and it is essential to be careful while putting hair ties too tight as it can wound your pooch.

 5.  Lamb cut:  

Lamb cut

This is a shorter style around the body with more fur left on the legs, most of the owners like this cut even though it may take the body short because lamb cut leaves the legs longer so that it won't look like a toothpick. During the summer season, your pooch will be happy to shed some of its luscious furs. Consider this hairstyle for your pooch if the temperature rises, as it looks great on plenty of dog breeds. During winter, it keeps their paws and legs warm. It is a versatile cut for any dog.

 6.  Lion cut


It is a different type of hairstyle which is suitable for certain dog breeds. Some common species include Pomeranians, löwchens, Poodles etc. This hairstyle involves shaving or substantially trimming body hair by leaving the hair around the face, legs, and tail. Unless your pooch has the right face, it might look a bit funny. Any long-haired dog who is incredibly matted can get a lion cut for a decent look.

 7.  Clean Face

cute dogs

One should try to style a dog to show more of its adorable face. This cut leaves some fur on the head to keep it warm and gives room around its mouth and nose. Creating a clean-cut look on your pooch's face will make it look clean. This hairstyle is best suited for dogs who like to smell anything and everything.

 8.  Long straightened hair

white long hair dog

You can’t trim up beards, long hair, curls or any other design to your pooch in the same way that could be done with human hair. So, just cut the long hairs straight, and just apply some dog friendly oils or serums. It will help to keep your pooch’s hair straight and silky.

 9.  Pigtail ears

Pigtail ears white dog

Ears will add a lot of character to your pup's appearance; this style includes shaving around the head to highlight the ear fur and styling it with bows or products to make it stand out. You can clip flowers or bow onto the fur as an embellishment.

 10.  Poodle Cut

Poodle cut is pretty standard among furry dogs. It keeps short fur on the canine's body, but more fur left on the top of the head, around the neck, and at the tip of the tail. Poodle cut makes your pooch look adorable and keeps your pooch comfortable in hot weather. If you're looking to cut your canine's hair for this summer, you can go for a poodle cut hairstyle for your pooch, because it is the best haircut option for summer with low maintenance. Well, you can also style this haircut with multiple accessories like luxury dog collars, leashes, cool socks, etc.

If you think you have some more amazing haircuts to suggest, then do let us know!