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10 Favorite Songs Of Dog Lovers

“If music be the food of love, play on” -William Shakespeare. However, Shakespeare wasn’t thinking about dogs when he wrote this line, yet countless songs celebrate the love and even heartbreak of living with dog. Just like humans even dogs are affected by music and will react, certain music genres have been proven to be more soothing for your dog than others. Definitely, your mom might say how much she loves you, and your spouse pulls double duty as a great friend. But the truth is that no one can give you the unconditional love of a pooch, with their four paws, wet noses and constantly wagging tails and provide fluoxetine for the soul. If you are lucky enough to share your life with dog and its close companionship then why not celebrate your devotion with dog lover’s playlist.

10 Favorite Songs Of Dog Lovers

 1.  Who let the Dogs out? By Baha Men

Who let the Dogs out? By Baha Men

This song by the Baha Men asks an important question, but no one seems to know the answer. The song released on July 26, 2000, became the band’s first and only hit in the United Kingdom and the Unites States, It gained popularity after appearing in Rugrats in Paris.

 2.  The Puppy Song - Harry Nilsson

The Puppy Song - Harry Nilsson

The Puppy song is a Harry Nilsson's song that appeared on his album. The song was popularized by David Cassidy in his double A-side single, The single was released by bell records, The song reached No.1 on the UK chart.

 3.  OI’ Red by Blake Shelton

OI’ Red by Blake Shelton

The song is an excellent example of dogs and their instinct and hoe it makes them react to different situation, Many people know the Blake Shelton’s version that released in 2002. It is about hunting dog that never lets felon escape their service to the state.

 4.  Count on Me by Bruno Mars

Count on Me by Bruno Mars

If your best friend is human or canine, celebrate the special bond with this Bruno Mars song from 2011. Whether they have two feet or four paws, true friends provide so much more than someone to spend time with, Pets have the power to provide nourishment for your soul if you’re going through with serious illness.

 5.  Puppy love by Donny Osmand

Puppy love by Donny Osmand

Childhood and preteen crushes are often called “Puppy love” for the wonder and adoration felt towards a classmate or young friend, This 1972 song by Donny Osmond reminds us that there’s nothing more innocent and heartfelt than young love. “Puppy Love” is a popular song written by Paul Anka’s version which twelve year later revived by Donny Osmond and reached No.3 on the Billboard Hot 100.

 6.  Stand by Me by Ben E. King

Stand by Me by Ben E. King

The entire world may turn its back on you, but your dog will right be there. This 1961 song recognizes the enduring friendship and unconditional positive regard that dogs have for their humans.

 7.  Mere Yaara by Sai Veda Vagdevi

Mere Yaara by Sai Veda Vagdevi

This is the official song of the recent trending movie 777 Charlie, The film follows the journey and bonding between a lonely factory worker and a stray Labrador dog. The score and soundtrack of 777 Charlie were composed and produced by Nobin Paul. This soothing song is definitely one of the current favourite songs of many dog lovers.

 8.  Chasing cars by Snow Patrol

Chasing cars by Snow Patrol

This 2006 song is about people who are chasing cars for change but in real life dogs can get into real trouble chasing cars, cats, joggers, wildlife, kids, cyclists and anything else that moves. The song gained significant popularity in the US after being featured in the second season of medical drama Grey’s Anatomy.

 9.  Veerey Di Wedding by Mika Singh

Entertainment Movie

It is a song from the Indian Hindi language action, comedy film Entertainment. The movie gives the social message to the people that love your pet, and they will entertain you all your life.

 10.  Hancock by Dino James

Hancock by Dino James

Dino James is a popular Indian rapper, music composer and lyricist. Hancock is the latest Hindi rap song that has released in 2018. He usually uploads music videos and the fact that most of the lyrics of his songs are based on real-life experiences. He also captivated the hearts of spectators and also his audience love his unique way of rapping