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10 Luxury Dog Products For Your Spoiled Furry Friend To Gift This New Year

Many of us became first time pet parents during the pandemic when global anxieties peaked. Hence the least we can do for these amazing animals is gift them some excellent dog accessories. Dogs make us laugh even on our most challenging days, fill empty hearts and heal broken ones bring comfort to every human being. Therefore, dogs deserve a gift! There’s a lot of excitement while picking out the gift for a pup. Giving your puppy a new year present will make them happy, as your gift will mean them more than anything in this world. There are so many excellent products for these furry friends who give us unconditional love.


10 luxury dog products to gift your furry friend this new year:


 1.  Luxury Dog Collar

 Luxury Dog Collar

Collars are best for dogs to maintain a good shape if your dog is comfortable with it. Collars look not only great but are also excessively durable and stand the test of time. A luxury dog collar is an essential part of your pup’s wardrobe because a collar around the neck of your canine discloses that they are owned by someone who is perturbed about its whereabouts. Collars are often used for the protection of puppies. When you look for a collar for your puppy, you might come across comprehensive options, and it is imperative to consider many factors like the material you prefer for your dog, size, width etc.


 2.  Luxury Dog Bed

Luxury Dog Bed

Just like you, even your pup needs a comfy bed to sleep in, hence providing your dog with a space that’s not only cosy but also supportive and soft. As a dog owner, you might have noticed that they sleep a lot, and most snooze for around 12 to 14 hours a day, depending on their age and breed. Dog beds are spaces that dogs can have all to themselves. Whenever you travel, you can take this bed along with you so that your pup can rest easier and feel comfortable and less anxious. Gifting one of the best luxury dog sofa bed will make your pampered pooch sleep soundly.


 3.  Luxury Dog Bandana

Luxury Dog Bandana:

The simplest accessories like bandana will profoundly impact your dog look.

Luxury dog bandana have become a part of fashion trend, and it provides warmth, cold and calming effects. It is available in plenty of designs and styles best suited for different occasions like birthdays, photoshoots, clubs, and holiday travel. This fashionable accessory makes your pet cuter and more attractive, and bandanas are prominent to make a frightening dog look less fearful by wearing something playful.


 4.  Dog blanket

Dog blanket

Blankets will make the pet bed a kind of heaven by making it a warm and cosy place. It is one of the valuable dog products which can be used both at home and while travelling. Providing your canine with a soft blanket to snuggle in will not only make your dog warm and comfortable but also for their well-being and general health. Dog blanket has many functions. It avoids scratches and dirt. It is also effective as layers for crates on car rides and another mode of travel. It is admired by pups who love to cuddle and snuggle because a blanket makes the bed a much comfier and inviting place to sleep.


 5.  Customized Dog Bone

Customized Dog Bone

It is an excellent tool to keep the dog occupied, and it is one of the finest dog gifts in India. The toy bone and bone pillow that comes in the gift set comforts your pup all day long. As these customized cushion bones are made of soft and quality materials used for body support. Dog bones and chews are explicitly designed to keep your pet mentally stimulated, and jaw exercised.


 6.  GPS tracker

GPS  Tracker

GPS chip allows the pet owner to track the dog's position and send the details through the internet to the smartphone. It follows pets in every remote area where cell coverage is not available. When dogs go missing, it extracts this info and notifies the lucky owner that their pet is found. Indeed, it’s the best thing every pet lover or owner should own.


 7.  Dog Jacket

Dog Jacket

Do dogs need jackets? Yes, it is the question of which most people ask themselves. Dogs may have more challenging times in keeping body heat, and hence they require a jacket when they go outside for an extended time during the winter. Say goodbye to winter blues with a cosy dog jacket, as it is reversible, warm, adjustable, and soft on your canine’s skin.


 8.  Dog Bow

Dog Bow

To celebrate your puppy’s personality, gift a sophisticated and luxurious dog bow. The bow is easily inserted through collars for casual occasions. This accessory makes any pup look like a dapper gentleman. Pair it with leather collars for an interchangeable look and fashion statement. Bow tie comes in three different sizes-small, medium, and large for other size pets and different looks.


 9.  Dog Harness

Dog Harness

Dog harnesses provide amended safety as they cover an extended body area. It goes over the shoulders, front limbs, and chest, effectively controlling the puppy from escaping. Using a harness will help stop the dog from jumping, and it is the superlative way to stop the action without gasping it in the process. It also protects the puppies, which can harm them while pulling.


 10.  Dog toys and treat boxes

Dog toys and treat boxes

Dog toys are essential for pups’ happiness, as they help fight boredom when you are not around. Due to general life commitments, it’s not always possible to be with your furry friend, and toys help keep your puppy entertained. Dog toys are also efficient in enhancing a pup’s ability to learn and acquire a new skill.

We all love to give treats to our dog because it makes our dog pleased; all animals have specific dietary needs to keep them healthy and strong, understanding when and how to use treats benefits the health and happiness of your puppy. Providing dog treats will make your furry friend wholly concentrate and enjoy the pleasure.

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab these gifts & treat your dog!