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10 Perfect Destinations to Travel with Your Pet in India

We do understand how heartbreaking it is to say goodbye to your beloved pet before you go for a vacation, even though as a pet parent if you want to take your fur babies out for a vacation looking for a pet friendly destination is still a task in India. Many of the hotels are not ready to accommodate and host our paw-some friends because of these inconvenience individuals either leave their pet with family member or hire a pet boarding service hence many pet parents never indulged in any pet-friendly travel. Well now the good news is that pet friendly travel is now possible in India, as few hotels, home stays and tourist spots allow pets to accompany visitors. Travelling with your pet not only offers lifetime experience and bucket full of memories but also helps your pet to experience sights and sounds that are different from around home. Admiringly there are some destinations with awesome accommodation with pet-friendly services which allow you and your pet to have the best time of your lives.

10 Perfect Destinations to Travel with Your Pet in India

 1.  Hulivana Resort, Karnataka

Hulivana Resort Karnataka

Karnataka is a perfect blend of glittering palaces & ruins, national parks, beaches and resorts. Top it all, Hulivana Resort offers a perfect spot for pet-friendly travel. Nestled deep in the hilly rainforest of Saklehspur in the Western Ghats, Hulivana is overlooked by Jenkalbetta, the highest peak in the region. Rolling hills, a spring-fed pond, waterfalls, little streams and dense foliage made for an inviting playground for your pet. One cannot complain, because the hillside lends itself beautifully to small, unobstructed campfires, and gives an opportunity for new friendships and real conversations. 

 2.  Pushkar

Pushkar Rajasthan

Pushkar in Rajasthan is surrounded by hills on three sides and the fourth side by sand dunes. It is a prominent Hindu pilgrimage town. Pushkar has a magnetism of its own and appeals to the youth and elderly alike. The Foothills Camp is about a ten-minute drive from the main town of Pushkar, which is taking tourism to new heights. The place is surrounded by hills and is a perfect destination for all your pet-friendly travel needs. The place is complete with luxurious tents and lets you camp in the wild.

 3.  Kerala


Kerala, South India’s most serenely beautiful state is defined by its layered landscape, a network of glistening backwaters, dotted with fiercely protected wildlife reserves and cool hill stations. Kerala has always been a well-known destination among travellers. From tree houses to cottages to a modified. Old farmer’s home, there are accommodation varieties at Greenex Farms. The pet-friendly paradise in Kalpetta is built in such a way that it gives ample opportunities to enjoy blissful company with your pet.

 4.  Cavala Resort, Goa

Cavala Resort, Goa

Goa is India’s most exciting tourist destination, with its nightlife, stunning beaches, cuisine and culture. Goa is a kaleidoscope of Indian and Portuguese cultures. Goa can be described as India’s mini paradise. Even more so when it comes to your pet majority of Goa’s homestays allow and encourage pet-friendly vacations. The Cavala Resort is one such pet-friendly resort, which allows pets in certain rooms and mostly run full round the year so you make sure to call them in advance to secure a place. The dogs are allowed in public spaces, such as a restaurant. 

 5.  Destiny Farm Stay, Ooty

Destiny Farm Stay, Ooty

Ooty is one of India’s most recognized and travelled hill stations. One of India’s most famous farm resorts, Destiny Farm Resort in the Nilgiris offers pet-friendly accommodations where your four-legged companion may run, play, enjoy and make friends with other farm animals. The whole feel of the place is to make sure you and your furry friend feel like home. The entire farm is of horses, cows, sheep, rabbits, guinea pigs, geese and farm dogs. Anyone looking for a picturesque place to relax and unwind with your furry friend, Ooty is the place to be.

 6.  Bhimtal Emerald Trail, Uttarakhand

Bhimtal Emerald Trail, Uttarakhand

The ancient town of Bhimtal, a quaint little town tucked away in the hills of Uttarakhand is the perfect place to travel with your pooch. Emerald Trail is old-style accommodation in the quaint hills of Bhimtal and is one of the most breathtaking pet-friendly hotels in North India. This eco-friendly homestay in Bhimtal comes highly recommended by friends who are pet parents. The fenced lawn ensures the safety of your pet, this is the perfect place for you and your pet. One of the few places which understand and address the limitations that pet families face while travelling, the emerald trail is an off-the-leash property which lets your furry babies run free on its three-acre spread.

 7.  Dalhousie Retreat Cottage

Dalhousie Retreat Cottage

A small cottage property in gorgeous Dalhousie, this one stands out for its apple orchards, forest walks, wild daisies and its pet-friendly accommodation. This 1500-sq-yard property is all-access for pets to run around, but the management does advise you to keep them nearby and insight since the adjacent forest and hills abound with bears. The Khajjiar meadow and Kalatop forest reserve are the best places to go walking with your pet in tow. Besides, they are very close to Dalhousie and make your picnic fun.

 8.  Manali


Manali is a year-round magnet for travellers from all walks of life. Manali is truly an adventure land. Besides, being a go-to destination for many, Manali is also suitable for your pooch. Manali has etched its name in the travel world for being one of the few pet-friendly travel destinations. And about 20 kilometres away from Manali the pine palace offers you and your pet the ultimate vacation getaway.   

 9.  Puducherry


The union territory of Puducherry, which is located on the southern coast of India, is the best vacation spot for both you and your four-legged companion. The pet-friendly Dune Eco Village and Spa, an exciting artist hotel, is the icing on top. It is one of India’s best eco-friendly hotels and focuses on natural living and environmental preservation. This magical property is just a 20minute drive from the main town and situated on 35 acres of beachfront land. The sprawling lands make this property one of the top choices while you travel with your pets.

10.  Mussoorie


The area has it all, from breathtaking mountain peaks to peaceful local roads to a burst of energy. The place is popular amongst the elders and even the youths. Mussoorie, a popular pet-friendly resort, is a great place to visit both in summer and winter. The Queen of Hill Station, Mussoorie, claims the best views of the green doon valley and distant white-capped Himalayan peaks. This charming little hill town is best for you and your pet. Hotel Nand Residency encourages pet-friendly tourism and allows you to exercise your dog while taking in the scenery.

Thanks to these destinations we allowed our furry friend to enjoy a vacation while the entire family is on the go.