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10 Things To Remember Before Buying Luxury Dog Collar

One of the things that all dogs need irrespective of breed, age or size is dog collars. Dog collars are safe, comfortable, properly sized and especially can keep up with your dog’s lifestyle, Right collar will last longer and be safer for you and your dog. Collars are essential accessory for your dog, as they are great for training, a dog collar isn’t just an accessory for your dog but also an important identification mark.  As dog owners it is our responsibility to make sure our pups are properly fitted with a secure collar. Choosing dog collar for your dog is very crucial, it also conveys the owner’s style today’s fashionable dog collars are available in variety of design and material. It could be difficult to choose a perfect dog collar for your pet, the collar also gives the leash excellent support when picking up the collar for your dog consider its compatibility with leash.

10 Things To Remember Before Buying Luxury Dog Collar

 1.  Measure your pooch’s neck

measuring dog neck

It is essential to measure your dog’s neck before buying the dog collar to find the right size. Measurement is crucial as a dog collar that is too tight might compress and make the dog uncomfortable, or it can even cause breathing difficulties. If it’s too loose, you increase the risk of the dog collar coming off. To measure your dog’s neck take a soft measuring tape, make sure the tape is placed around neck where the collar would sit.

 2.  Size

size chart

Size is the most significant thing to consider when buying luxury dog collar, not every collar can fit your pup. The size of the collar is essential as it has to fit the dog’s neck just right and comfortably. You need to be very careful while selecting the right collar based on dog’s size and activities. Larger dogs need more substantial collar, at least an inch wide or more, whereas smaller breed need more delicate that won’t feel as heavy to them. The best way to check the perfect size of the dog collar make sure you are able to fit two fingers under the collar, if you are not able to fit the fingers then it’s not the right size for your dog the collar can be tight for your dog.

 3.  Adjustability

Dog with collar

Most of the dog collars are adjustable that allow you to adjust according to your pup’s size. An adjustable dog collar will work well since you can fix into your dog neck just right, and it will also be usable still as the dog keeps growing big. It is also an economical choice as you will not be spending extra money to change the collars as your dog’s size change.

 4.  Material

Dog collar

It’s crucial to consider the material of the collar because it contributes to comfortability. Many companies are producing the dog collars of variety of materials, you must choose the material in which your dog feels more comfortable and like to wear. Hard material will cause a lot of friction which may cause loss of fur around its neck, so make sure to buy soft dog collar which is more comfortable for your pooch. 

 5.  Quality

Dog collar

Inferior quality buckles can snap open or even break, poor attention to stitching can lead to opening of the collar itself. Instead of buying poor quality collar buy luxury dog collar with the best quality that are more durable. Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton etc., these luxury brands offer some fabulous high-end dog collar that will make your pup feel more comfortable.

  6.  Color

Dog Denim Cushioned Collars

Your dog does not care much about what color their collar is, but you might. As a dog owner you want your dog to look best. The collars are available in variety of colors, you may choose a collar that blends with your dog’s coloring as not to detract from their appearance or even prefer a color that contrast. Pick a collar that is both functional and stylist, try to match your dog’s collar to your dog’s leash, harness, or any other dog training gear you have.

 7.  Safety

reflective dog collars

While buying dog collar safety is the primary consideration, reflective collars make a great choice for your dog they prevent accidents at night. They also improve the visibility of dogs at night and prevent chances of dog injuries and fatalities. Dogs enjoy running around while they are out for walk on the road, in such condition reflective dog collars are a great saviour. Many companies manufacture the safety dog collars.

 8.  Durability

dog chewing their collars

After safety next comes durability, dogs and puppies have habit to chew their collars. You may look around for dog collars that are made up of more durable material, or you can opt for eco-friendly dog collars that are durable as well as won’t harm the environment. They’re lightweight non-toxic and your dog can chew them. As a dog owner you need a reliable dog collar to prevent your dog from running off while they are out for walk, a durable collar will quite your worries while you take a walk with your pup.

 9.  Comfort 

Dog luxuries collar

It is important to consider comfort practically when you are making choice, a dog can slip off a loose or choke if it is too tight. A collar should never chafe, pinch or rub, that’s why make sure while purchasing dog collars buy flexible and dog collars soft inside this provides comfort for your dog. A collar for your dog should be comfy, soft and secure as well as fun for your dog.

 10.  Waterproof 

waterproof dog collars

A waterproof dog collar will not hold any bad smells, or they can also be wiped clean, and then it can be re-used. Viability, cleanliness, hygiene are just few reasons why waterproof collars should be on our list of accessories when we go for shopping for your dog. Waterproof dog collars are a perfect way to ensure that your dog’s favourite accessory will remain clean, hygienic and in good condition for longer.