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7 Best Dog Harnesses Of 2021

Having a dog that jumps up against people is very difficult to handle, using a harness will help to stop the dog from jumping, and it is the best way to stop the action without gasping it in the process. Dog harnesses provide improved safety as they cover an extended area of the body, it goes over the shoulders, front limbs, and chest which will effectively control the pooch from escaping. A harness will perfectly allow you to control your enthusiastic pooch, as it is used to guide, hold, lift and utilize its pulling power, harness reduces strain on the neck and allows the dog to breathe freely. The harness comes in different sizes so before making a purchase make sure which size is suitable for your pup. The harness design should allow your pooch to walk, run and move without being restricted. 

7 Best dog harnesses of 2021:

 1.  Rabbitgoo Tactical Dog Harness:

This harness is ideal for large breeds such as German Shepard, Belgian Malinois, Golden Retriever, Huskie, Labrador, Akita, etc. A professional working dog vest for service, police or military dogs, and also best for hunting and outdoor companion dogs. It is made of 1050D Nylon with sturdy stitching for extra durability and wearability that is suitable for all field use. The presence of two metal shoulder buckles can bear great pulling force, well-padded load point will protect your dog's skin and keep it ventilated and comfortable. Put on and take off this easy dog harness without any hassle with 4 quick-release buckles. This harness is made of practical design for versatile use, as it contains a reinforced top handle for additional control.

 2.  White and Red Tartan Harness:

It is available in four sizes x-small for Chihuahua and similar breeds, small for Lhasa aspo, shitzu, Jack Russell and similar breeds, medium size for Beagle, pug, cocker spaniel and large size for Labrador, Golden retriever etc. The super-soft white and red tartan harness is both classy and durable handmade with love, the well-fitted shape and the carefully selected fabrics are made for feel-good walks. It is a very comfy harness that is easy to walk around, pairing a tartan harness with a leash set will make your pup look even more fashionable.

 3.  Meykoo Dog Harness: 

It is a dog harness for small and medium-sized dogs, there are three sturdy buckles one on the neck and two on the chest which makes it easy to put and take off. It is made of high-quality soft and breathable cushioned sandwich material, durable oxford nylon and lightweight materials that make the dog feel cosy and provide protection for its outdoor activities. It distributes the tension on the body evenly and protect your pup from suffocation and makes your pooch look cool and fashionable in this harness. This harness is suitable for Golden retriever, German Shepard, Husky, Poodle, Beagle etc.

 4.  Midnight luxurious Dog Harness: 

It is available in three sizes x-small for Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese, Chihuahua, small for shitzu and medium for beagle and similar breeds. It is a high-quality harness with soft cushioning inside that is handcrafted with love and passion. The dog harness is symbolic of your pup’s unique and playful nature, as it is both functional and fashionable which is necessary for a morning walk. Pairing it with a collar and leash set make your pup look extremely stylish. It is a comfortable harness that is perfectly cosy and is made with love, The well-fitted shape and the carefully selected fabrics are made for feel-good walks.

5.  Chivalrous luxurious Grey Dog Harness:

 It is a very comfy harness which is easy to walk around, harness unquestionably is a better option as it can take reduce the strain from neck, as they have delicate bones in their necks and chances of causing serious neck injury or severe pain is more from one pull. The soft touch of velvet will comfort your pooch all day long, It is a high-quality harness with soft cushioning on the inside which is handcrafted with love.

 6.  Atopark Front Clip Dog Harness:

It is a high-quality dog chest harness for dogs that creates an eye-catching stylish look for your pup and also keeps it safe and secure. It is suitable for small, medium or large dogs such as Beagles, Labrador, German Sheperd, Doberman etc. This durable versatile front clip hiking dog harness is made from high-quality heavy-duty nylon shell webbing which provides maximum strength with extra durability. The eye-catching adjustable reflective piping is interwoven into its durable nylon exterior to make sure GE stays visible during the night. This dog chest harness provides the right amount of control over dogs, and spreading the stress over a larger surface area prevents the pup from injuries.

 7.  Eagle Dog Harness: 

This harness specially distributes the pressure evenly and safely around the dog's chest rather than on the sensitive neck hence preventing the dog from choking. It gives owners more control over the dog and lessens their desire to pull, since it is thoughtfully designed it would not rub your dog's sensitive skin. The front clip gives you more control over your dog's trajectory and lessens their desire to pull. It is very easy to wear a harness with fully adjustable at the neck and chest with four adjusters. It is suitable for large and medium-sized dogs Labrador, husky, golden retriever, bulldog and more.