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Your pup may be very well-behaved, but there will always be a chance that they could run off in play and get lost in the busy streets, hence collar and leash are a must for all dogs. A dog collar is a piece of material put around on your dog’s neck for protection, fashion, or identification purpose. Buying the right luxury dog collars for your pooch will last longer and be safer for your dog. As a dog owner, you have to make sure that your dog is properly fitted with a secure collar. When you look for a collar for your puppy you might come across wide options, it is very important to consider many factors like the material that you prefer for your dog, size, width etc. All these factors help you to get the right collar for your pup.

Soft collars are best for dogs to maintain a good shape if they are comfortable for your dog, collars not only look great but are also excessively durable and stand the test of time. The collar is the only accessories that your dog wear every day some people spend a lot of time to find the appropriate one, Finding the products that fit your dog perfectly is very important, no matter how smartly the collar is designed if it doesn’t fit your dog then it’s of no use. It is important to measure a collar before buying in order to ensure the comfort of the dog.

Best Soft Dog Collars In India:

  1. Chede Basic Classic Luxury Padded Leather Dog Collar

Chede Basic Classic Luxury Padded Leather Dog Collar

 Chede offers high quality and unique designer fashion pet collars to satisfy your multiple needs, as it is soft and comfortable for your pup and adjustable for a perfect fit. There is a buckle for great stability and durability, the buckles are made from zinc alloy and D-rings are welded for great strength and durability. It is a handmade leather dog collar, which is the perfect combination of style, high quality and comfort. These comfortable, pliable, light and elegant dog collars are made by using quality hardware to make genuine leather collars for your pooch. Variety of sizes best fitting  for puppy, small, medium and large dog  are available with a lifetime guarantee


   2. BlazingPaws Armington luxury Thick Leather Western Dog Collar


BlazingPaws Armington luxury Thick Leather Western Dog Collar


It is a unique western design with Conchos and square studs made of soft suede leather padding for your dog’s comfort. It is a handmade collar with thick bridle leather with a heavy brass buckle and ring in nickel finish. The dark leather accent layer in front adds thickness, strength and aesthetics, its luxurious unique square stud and shield are available in brown and Red-Black colour combinations. It is specially designed for large dogs or puppies of large breeds. This unique and comfortable dog collar are designs inspired by real-life experiences of living with a dog like family.


  3. Auburn Leather Rolled Round Dog Collar


Auburn Leather Rolled Round Dog Collar



Round Dog Collars are a traditional and classic style that is particularly well suited for dogs with long, thick coats. The round shape will aid in the prevention of tangled and matted fur around the canine’s neck. It is also suitable for shorter coated dogs. More than 20 production steps go into the manufacturing of these fascinating handcrafted round collars. These collars formed and stitched the edges to give them a round shape and also consist of the bright nickel-plated buckle with Dee ring and smooth capped rivets.


  4. Royal Blue Velvet Collar


Royal Blue Velvet Luxurious Collar


Dog collars are both functional and fashionable, The soft touch of velvet will comfort your pooch all day long. It is made with fine and breathable fabrics, which is easy on your pet’s skin. This collar provides toughness and durability, as it is perfectly suited as an all-day collar that is for outdoor dog walks and indoor use. Material is best suited for varied weather conditions and made with easy to wash fabrics and inner lining.


  5. Crimson Velvet Collar


Crimson Velvet Luxurious Collar


The soft touch of velvet soothe your pup all day long, all the materials for the collar are selected with care and made from high-quality velvet fabrics, and backed with strong durable cotton webbing and using durable D-ring and slide. It is a comfortable and fascinating velvet collar that even the most demanding pup’s love to wear, it has a pleasant texture that is easy to clean.


  6. Tartan Collar


Tartan Luxurious Collar


Tartan dog collar focuses both on durability and style featuring woven ribbon sewn onto comfortable nylon webbing and added cushioning for your pooch’s comfort. The classic pattern of the collar makes your pup recognize other dogs. The product is made of pure cotton which does not harm your Pet’s skin, as it is made of two thick layers of cotton which increases the toughness of the collar and is very comfortable. This type of collar can be used on the occasions like weddings, dog parties, travel etc.


  7. Seamless Gold Collar


Seamless Gold Luxurious Collar


This collar is made of genuine leather which makes your pooch have a strong, durable collar that will look really great, comfortable interior surface helps in reducing skin irritation and chaffing. Seamless god collar mainly focuses on durability and style, featuring woven ribbon sewn onto comfortable nylon webbing and added cushioning for your canine’s comfort. Pairing it with a seamless bandana, harness mat and scrunchies makes your pooch stand out among other dogs.