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7 Important Benefit of Using Dog Harness

Dog harness provides enhanced safety as they cover an extended area of the body, it goes over the shoulders, front limbs, and chest which will completely control the pooch from breakout. Using a harness will help to stop the dog from jumping, and it is the best way to stop the action without gasping it in the process. It also safeguards those puppies which can harm themselves while pulling. The harness will reduce the strain on the neck and allow dogs to breathe freely, some small breeds will have delicate bones in their neck hence there will be a high chance of causing serious neck injury so we have designed dog harness that is meant to be seen and not felt at four legged babies we offer high-quality harness with soft cushioning on the inside 

7 Benefits of using a Dog harness:

 1.  Improved Safety

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The harness is great for your pooch, as they are very much safe and comfortable for dogs of all sizes, ages, and breed.  Taking your pooch for a walk by wearing a harness will reduce pressure accrued around the dog’s neck area and places pressure evenly throughout the chest. The harness will reduce pulling, and they tend to be more secure as it prevents pooch from accidents. Dogs can easily slip out and run into traffic or neighbours yards hence harness provides much more security and safety.

 2.  Harness offers control over the pooch

huge dog walking

 It is very difficult to control strong and huge dogs However, the harness will allow you to perfectly control your excited pooch whenever it tries to go after a dog, cat or bird on the pavement of a public park. The best harness will reduce pulling by increasing control over your pooch and reduces stress on its neck and joints. Harness is identified as a great training tool for puppies that learning to behave on leash and will allow owners to have a bit more control. 

 3.  Help to avoid injuries

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Walking along with a dog allows time to enjoy the sights and the nature to both owner and the pooch, And is also effective in lowering the stress hormone called oxytocin. But sometimes due to the aggressive pulling of the leash can make owners injured followed by hip fracture, broken wrists, elbow fracture due to the fall. This is where harness is surely a better option when compared to a collar, as it comes with direct benefits to a pooch by offering a better control to the handler.

 4.  Prevents neck and tracheal injuries among pooch

Jack Russell terrier wearing dog harness next at water background

Your dog can harm its neck area by putting immense pressure by pulling a leash attached to a collar. It is not always possible to detect the injuries initially as there might not be any kind of sensation of pain, but the discomfort may develop gradually and might worsen the condition. Small and toy breeds are more prone to tracheal injuries as they have delicate bones in their neck hence one pull on the leash tied to a collar can lead to a serious injury. A harness is indeed a better option for your pooch as it has the capacity of taking away the stress from the neck and spreading across the larger surface of the canine’s body.

 5.  Discourages Pulling

White Terrier dog on sidewalk outdoors

If a dog constantly keeps puling on a nice leisurely walk it makes owners frustrating, while if you clip the leash to the front ring of the harness and start walking by your side and if the leash goes off to the side harness directs the dog back towards you. Extreme pulling can lead to unwanted behaviours. Using a harness encourages the pooch to move his centre of gravity backwards so that it is more balanced. A dog that pulls into a collar around the neck pulls it off balance hence using a harness is effective in balancing and discourages pulling by directing the forward motion to the opposite direction.

 6.  A dog will not be able to tangle you in its leash

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 It is easy for your pooch to pull a leash attached to the collar and end up twisting it around you by targeting your legs, wrist or twirling it around your fingers. A dog will not be able to tangle you or itself if leash is attached to the harness, as it can’t backup or slip out of the harness. A short stroll with your pooch may turn into an unfortunate situation with you getting hurt and falling down.

 7.  Helpful for the puppies that haven’t learned to walk

 Everything you introduce to a puppy is new to its world initially it might be challenging to teach your dog to walk with a harness, But learning to walk will build a completely new level of companionship between you and your pooch. Putting your pooch on a harness will train it not to pull the leash while walking, Never forget to research harnesses and your dog’s potential size before buying. Practising short walks with harnesses will often make your pooch get used to the harness.