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7 Ways Having a Dog Can Improve Your Mental Health


Pets make an exceptional friend, the unconditional love that they show has a great positive impact on individuals health and mental well-being which creates harmonious and healthier lifestyles. Caring for a fur buddy gives warm fuzzies that are hard to explain but in return they care for us in an unspoken way. Dogs and humans share a powerful relationship, a study shows that around 95percent of people consider dogs as their family members. Animals help in coping with stress, anxiety, depression furthermore they ease loneliness and provide companionship. Pets can teach empathy and responsibility among children and uplift their mental health, owning a pet will benefit people of all ages including senior citizens.  Dogs naturally enhance the health and well being of people who love them. Adopting a dog or spending time with dogs will have a huge health benefit.

Research shows that pet owners are less likely to suffer from depression, Hugging, Stroking or simply touching a pet swiftly calm and soothe you when you are stressed or anxious. “Dogs are very present. if someone is struggling with anything, they know how to sit there and be loving” says Dr. Ann Berger, a physician and researcher. The friendliness felt when an individual bond with the dog is literally healing.

7 Ways How Dogs Benefit Mental Health :

1.Dogs Increase Social Interaction

Dogs are extraordinary socialisers as they connect their owners and make them interact with other dog owners of the locality. Feeling connected to people is one of the important roles in mental well-being, it also can help you to cope up from social phobia if you have a fear of social situations. Taking your dogs out for a walk can increase your social network. Time spent walking with your dog is similar to practicing the art of mindfulness. Regardless of what breed you own, almost all dog owners share something in common that they love talking about their dogs. This will introduce you to a group of fellow dog lovers which will improve your social life and strengthen your mental health.

2.Dogs Reduces Your Stress

When you run your hands through their soft fur, your brain releases the stress reducing hormone called oxytocin. Talking to your dogs and focusing on their wellbeing will relieve your stress. The best thing about dogs is they are the best listeners and they will never interrupt you. Stress affects your body both physically as well as mentally which can cause insomnia, high blood pressure, and heart problems. Dogs are allowed in airports, college campuses where stressed out people can benefit from their soft fur. When there is less stress life blood pressure also will be normal which means better heart health. Pets help you to live in the moment Instead of worrying about the past or the future.

3.Dogs Improve Fitness

Dogs help owners to engage in physical activities just like humans dogs too need exercise. Exercises help in easing stress, depression and other mental health issues, unlike other pets dogs need daily play time that helps dog owners stay healthy and active. Dog walkers' fitness improved more than those who walk with other people. Taking a dog for a walk, hike, or run will develop a healthy daily exercise routine Into your schedule. Exercising increases the blood-flow to the brain which improves the memory, and protects against brain disease. Walking with a dog also helps in connecting with nature which has a great benefit for mental health and also improves sleeping patterns.

4.Dogs Provide Companionship

Dogs are the best companions, the affection and love from dogs can reduce the feeling of loneliness or isolation and fulfill the touch and care of another being. Pets are loyal, honest, loving, people feel more needed and wanted when they spend time with pets. Caring another living thing gives meaning to life. Returning home after having a bad day will be lightened immediately after knowing your fur buddy is waiting patiently for you. Feeling of loneliness can have a greater effect on your mental health. A person can feel isolated for being unemployed, going through a breakup etc. The companionship along with a dog will make you forget loneliness and light up the mood.

5.Dogs Curb Depression

Dogs help us to feel less alone because dogs require daily feeding and care which help in easing the feeling of uselessness. The soothing influence that dogs have reduces the feeling of stress and anxiety. Dogs help in enjoying the movement and also helps in experiencing a wonderful bonding with animals. Building relationships with dogs reduces depression and leads to a more enriched life for both humans and dogs.

6.Dogs Are Good Listener

Dogs may not understand every word that we speak but talking to them has a great positive impact on our mental health. The6 will never judge you for the things that you say and listen to you without interrupting. Whenever you are going through a bad time in life talking with a dog will relax your mind and feel better and help to deal with that situation more efficiently.

7.Dogs Provide Stability To Your Routine

Having dogs in life offer much needed structure to routine, needs of the dog will be the reason for an individual to get out of bed and get moving everyday. Having a connection with another being is an essential part of mental health. Owning and caring after a dog will encourage you to look after yourself better, healthy routines are much needed for mental health. Having a routine caring for your dog's health too, can provide stability and a sense of purpose.