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8 Strange Behaviors Of Dogs

Sometimes our dogs do the weirdest things. Once you understand the reason behind these peculiar dog behaviors, the conduct itself makes a lot more sense.
Eating grass is a part of normal behavior of dogs. A dog eating grass may seem strange to humans, but it’s quite normal, Dog owners wonder why their dog eat grass quickly and then vomit shortly after. Many people believe that dogs need to eat grass in order to relive their upset stomach. It totally depends on the situation as some dogs will eat grass to induce vomiting and relive their upset stomach, while other dogs are just hungry or interested and then get sick unintentionally. Dogs are omnivores, which means their diet consists of both plants and animal protein. Eating grass provides dogs with a good amount of fiber, which aids in the dog’s ability to digest food and pass their stool. Some dogs eat grass because they enjoy its taste, eating non-food items like grass is actually a condition known as pica, and sometimes it can be related to nutritional deficiencies. If your dog’s diet is lacking key nutrients, minerals and vitamins it is more likely to show this strange behavior. Though grass itself present no threat to your dog’s health, herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers that are applied to grass can be harmful to your dog.

8 Strange Behaviors Of Dogs

 1.  Chasing its tail

Chasing its tail

Tail chasing is one of the charming habits of dogs. Although it is normal for dogs to sometimes spin out of happiness and excitement. Tail chasing is often playful, especially if your dog is young. A dog chasing his tail is usually just burning excess energy, but it could just be for fun. But if they do this constantly, they might have diseases like anal gland or skin allergies. It can also be compulsive behavior issue that gets worse with time. In such case you should talk to your veterinarian.

 2.  Digging holes in the yard

Digging holes in the yard

This behavior of dog could simply be boredom or fun game. It might be frustrating for you, but for dogs its natural. Some dogs dig to cool off to lie on a hot summer day, or it can also be the sign that your dog is bored. Digging holes can also result that your dog is wanting to escape the yard or something they fear. If you want to save your yard and stop your dog from digging make sure your dog has a lot of activities throughout the day.

 3.  Poop eating

Poop eating

This is the weirdest crazy dog behavior. Dogs, especially puppies commonly eat poop this often simply reflects natural dog instincts. Dogs may be more likely to eat poop when they don’t get enough nutrients or when they’re stressed. Coprophagia is a scientific name for this poop eating habit. When it occurs in puppies, coprophagia is normally considered part of the process of exploring the world around them. Poop eating is also behavior that is more likely to occur in multi-dog households.

 4.  Zoomies

Zoomies dog

Occasionally dogs will get a random burst of energy that results in them doing laps around the yard or house known as “the zoomies” pet parents typically wonder causes of this hilarious activity. A frequent cause of zoomies is an excess buildup of energy that dogs hold on to, which is then released in one big burst. The zoomies are the sign of being happy. There is nothing wrong with this normal behavior of dog as long as your dog doesn’t run around unsafe place. 

 5.  Licking or biting paws 

Dog Licking

Like many other strange behaviors, licking paws can be normal. Nonstop chewing or licking on paws to the point of red spots is cause for concern. Licking dry skin is a dog’s attempt at reliving the dryness. Allergies or any injury could be causing discomfort or itchy skin, cause dogs to react by licking. When a dog is experiencing pain in his foot or somewhere else in their body, some dogs will try to manage it by licking their front paw continuously. If you are concerned there is underlying health issue, seek advice of veterinarian.  

 6.  Walks in circle before lying down

Dog Walks in circle

Walking in circle before lying down is completely normal. Prior to taking naps, dogs often walk in circles and scratch at their sleeping place. Turning in circle before lying down is the act of self-preservation in that the dog may innately know that he needs to position himself in a particular way to ward off an attack in the wild. You could blame dog’s ancestors for this dog behavior. 

 7.  Staring

Dog Staring

When dogs stare at you, it might be excepting that you will give them treat or shower them with affection or praise. Dogs will stare at their owners to express affection. In some cases, dog might be staring at you in pleading way when there’s something wrong. Remember that some dogs consider direct eye contact threatening, therefore, before gazing back at him make sure he is not showing any signs of aggression or fear.

 8.  Howling

Dog Howling

Howling is multi-frequency sound that travels long distances. The reasons for howling are simple. When your dog heard high-pitched sound such as train whistle or siren. Dogs howl due to separation anxiety or due to some environmental trigger or out of habit. A dog’s howling can be a way of your pet calling for you, seeking your attention. Sometimes dog might howl due to illness. Something could be physically wrong, or your dog could be suffering from internal pain. So, if your dog is consistently howling make sure to check them.