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8 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Dog Healthy

A healthy dog is a happy dog, keeping your pet healthy is something that every pet owner should achieve. As a pet owner being aware of your pet’s health is very important and neglecting may possibly result in decreasing its lifespan. Regular health check allows your pooch to be protected against health risks, effective and precautionary health care are very essential to keep your dog healthy and happy. Being familiar with our dog’s attitude helps us to manage the risk and medical condition of the dog efficiently.  Being a pet parent it is our responsibility to give our fur babies the healthiest lives possible, as they depend on us we are the one who stands between our pet and their ultimate wellbeing. Our canines give us so much love and loyalty, hence let’s give them health, happiness and lovely life.

Eight things to do to keep your pooch healthy:

 1.  Feeding High-Quality Nutritious Food

A proper balance of nutrients is necessary while feeding your pooch, just like humans even dogs need a certain combination of minerals, proteins, fat, water and carbohydrates in order to function normally. Feeding your fur baby with the highest quality food that you can afford improves the overall well-being and also increases the immunity of your pooch. Plenty of commercial pet food that is available in the market is not good for your pet as they are equivalent to junk food, which increases the risk of certain cancers among the dog and weakens its heart health. Feeding your dog with the right amount of nutritious food prevents them from obesity-related illness. Each and every nutrient in your dog’s food has a purpose without which it cannot perform its daily activities with ease.

 2.  Vaccinating Against Deadly Diseases

Dog vaccination plays a very critical part in safeguarding your dog from many dangerous and even disastrous diseases. As per state law, all dogs need to get vaccinated for rabies, apart from this also vaccinate your pooch against some potentially deadly diseases such as distemper, parvo, panleukopenia but avoid over-vaccination. Some vaccinations are mandatory in certain states and countries which has to be given, vaccines prepare pooch’s immune system to defend itself from disease-causing organisms. By making blood tests see what vaccinations need to repeat instead of routinely giving them.

 3.  Maintaining Health By Proper Exercise

Exercising keeps your dog healthy and reduces behavioural problems such as excessive licking, barking, chewing, and other anxiety-related behaviours and also helps in gaining trust and confidence. Regardless of age, size or breed every dog requires daily exercise as it keeps your dogs’ cardiovascular system in a good health. Exercising your pet can be simple as taking a daily walk or playing fetch in the yard, Exercising regularly has plenty of benefits such as it promotes healthy digestion, increasing happy harmonies, decreasing depression, promoting healthy bones and good muscle tone etc.

 4.  Consulting Veterinarian At Least Once In a Year

 Dogs never tell us whenever they feel Ill, noticing disease and subtle changes in dogs is very crucial, when they are taken to the veterinary hospital with conspicuous signs of illness most of the time they will be at the end stage of disease hence ensuring your dog consult a veterinarian at least once or twice in a year is very essential. An annual physical test allows the veterinarian to determine how things are going different in your dog’s life and is able to detect things that pet parents do not notice.

 5.  Maintain a Healthy Weight

Being chubby might be cute but carrying extra fat is not good for your dog’s health however being too skinny is also not a sign of a healthy dog. Maintaining a healthy weight among dogs is important to have the best quality of life with you, as unhealthy body weights could lead to several health risks. Overweight dogs are more vulnerable to diabetes and another disease such as heart disease, arthritis, high blood pressure, reproductive issues, decreased life span etc. Balance of good diet and exercise can be effective in maintaining a healthy weight in dogs, never put your dog on the crash diet as it prevents them from getting essential nutrients to speak to your vet who will be able to provide the best advice that is suitable for your dog.

 6.  Dental Health

Dental diseases among dogs are quite common which is known as periodontal disease, it has a serious consequence hence maintaining good dog dental care is very important.  The thing with periodontal disease is that it can cause life-altering health issues such as kidney disease, heart disease etc as bacteria from the diseased gums enter into the bloodstream and have a disastrous effect. Getting into the habit of daily brushing your pooch’s teeth can prevent your pup from dental disease. Dental disease affects the teeth gum and the structure that supports the dog’s teeth, some symptoms of gum disease are bad breath, trouble eating, bleeding gums, excessive chewing, mouth sensitivity etc.

 7.  Spay or Neuter Your Pet

Spaying helps in averting uterine infections and breast tumours which are fatal or cancerous in most dogs, spaying your female dog will protect her from these diseases and neutering your male companion prevents him from testicular cancer and prostate problems. Apart from this there are also behavioural benefits such as spayed females never go into heat and the male dogs will be less likely to roam away from home. The process has no effect on a pup’s intelligence or on the ability to learn, play and work in fact some per to behave better and make them a desirable companion.

 8.  Affection

Showing some love to your pooch can actually increase the lifespan of your canine, talk to your pooch and build a strong connection and bond which increases its quality of living. Cuddles, petting, belly rubs and even brushing your pup’s coat are some great ways to express your love towards your dog it strengthens the emotional connection of your dog with you and also creates a strong bond and positive interaction with other dogs and humans.