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Choosing Perfect Collar For Dog


A dog collar is a piece of material put around your dog's neck. It is used for protection, fashion, or identification. It also conveys the owner's style, today’s fashionable dog collars come in a wide variety of design materials, such as bow ties. The oldest known fashionable dog collar comes from ancient Egypt.

When you look for a collar for your puppy you might come across a wide range of options, it is very important to consider many factors like the material that you prefer for your dog, size, width etc. All these factors help you to pick the right collar for your pup. Collars or harnesses are used with lashes in order to walk and  restrain your dog, it also exhibits your canine's personal style. Your pup may be very well behaved but there will always be a chance that they could run off in play and get lost in the busy streets. That is why a collar and leash is a must for all dogs. Finding the products that fit your dog perfectly is very important, no matter how smartly the collar is designed. If it doesn’t fit your dog then it’s of no use, therefore measure your dog carefully with soft tape. Ensure that collar isn’t too tight which can cause difficulty in breathing or too loose that they can slip out of it. There are medical collars available like Elizabethan collars which prevent dogs from scratching a wound on its head or neck or licking a wound or infection on its body.

Some key tips while choosing perfect collar:

Buying a right collar for your pooch will last longer and safer for your dog. As a dog owner you have to make sure that your dog is properly fitted with a secure collar. When you buy a collar you may see them labeled as large, medium, small, etc, different brands have a different measurement hence don’t depend solely on these labels. Most of the collars are adjustable which allows you to adjust according to your pup’s size. Make sure you take measurements twice, if you get different measurements then take once again to get the exact size. When you put on a collar you should be able to fit two fingers underneath. Remember to change collars as they become too small because it can cause permanent throat damage.

Collars made of hard plastic or metal will be uncomfortable for some pets. It's better to buy flexible materials like leather, nylon, and neoprene. The collar you buy should last long and it shouldn’t stain easily. Research has shown that some low priced dog products like toys, beds contain high levels of toxic chemicals hence make sure while you buy a collar it provides clear details of the materials used, ensuring safety is very important.

Considering your pup’s fur type will help you to make appropriate collar choices. Collars fit differently on dogs with thick fur, if your pooch has thick fur measure its neck after haircut. It's better you opt for an adjustable collar for the dog with thicker fur to account for your dog's eventual hair growth. Asking recommendations from other dog owners who have experience in purchasing a collar may give you advice about purchasing a collar.

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    If you plan to travel with your dog, having a collar and leash will be more important. Since a collar is the only accessory that your dog wears every day, some people spend a lot of time finding the appropriate one. The good news is that we offer more choices to you in terms of variety of materials, colors, and patterns. We design dog collars with different purposes in mind, so it is helpful to you to know what you need before you begin shopping. All our dog collars are adjustable, washable, durable and super comfortable for daily usage.