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20 Gifts For Dogs In India

God has created dogs to comfort every human being, someone who radiates joy at all times and provide endless entertainment by chasing birds and belly-flopping into the lake. Dogs love people so much that they put human well-being above them, they are the perfect example of loyalty and compassion, and they need someone to love them unconditionally and welcome them home. 

Every person will love to receive gifts, many of us wait for birthdays or any festivals just to receive gifts from loved ones. Just like humans, even dogs are known to show their appreciation when they receive a gift. One of the big mistakes we humans make is assuming that pets are not intelligent, but it is not true they understand everything as adult humans would. Their way of showing appreciation for the gifts is by playing with them and sometimes when they become extremely happy they start jumping around and flaunt how much they are expecting to receive the gift.

Dog gifts are really fun to buy, being one of the most fascinating and amusing creatures on earth they deserve gifts every now and again. Find gifts that you cherish and celebrate its most prized presence by getting some really amazing gifts to show your affection towards them. 

20 Best Gifts For Dogs In India

1. Dog Collar

Luxury dog collars

 It is a great fashion accessory for a pooch and is also used for protection and identification. Can the dog be as fashionable as its owner? Well, the answer is yes because a Luxury dog collars conveys the owner’s style and make a dog look really sleek and elegant. 

2. GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker
GPS chip allows the pet owner to track the dog’s position and send the details through the internet to the smartphone. It tracks pets in every remote area where cell coverage is not available. When dogs go missing it extracts this info and notify the lucky owner that their pet is found.
3. Luxury Dog Sofa Bed
luxury dog sofa bed

A dog bed is a place of security. It belongs only to the dog, and they should always feel safe and relax in it, instead, it shouldn’t be used as a place of punishment. It is very important as a pet parent to provide the highest quality luxury dog sofa bed for your pup, giving them a place of their own benefit for both you and your pet.

4. Luxury Dog Bandana

Dog Bandana

The simplest accessories like bandana will have a powerful impact on your dog look. They are available in plenty of designs and styles which are best suited for different occasions like birthdays, photoshoots, clubs, and holiday travel. Luxury dog bandana visually communicates the interaction of one dog with other dogs or people.

5. Customized Dog Bone

Customized Dog Bone

It is a great tool to keep the dog occupied, and it is one of the best dog gifts in India. The toy bone and bone pillow that comes in the gift set comforts your pooch all day long customized cushion bones, which is made of soft and quality materials used for body support.

 6. Pet Portrait

Pet Portrait

 India being a country with a wide variety of cultures has given ample attention to various art forms hence gifting a portrait of a pet is one of the best gifts in India. A personalized portrait is a perfect way to capture a memory, put your endearing pup on a poster which then can be personalized with your favourite colour, font and many more. A portrait has the power to inflame a thousand emotions.

 7. Dog Hoodie

Dog Hoodie

Hoodies keep the canine warm during winter days, especially helpful for those breeds which have shorter coats. Just like youths in India, even dogs have their own style which sets him/her as unique from others. Buying super comfy and durable hoodies can be a great gift for the dog.

 8. Dog Collar Charm

Dog Collar Charm

 Dog collar charm is cute little addition to your pup’s collar in order to make it look more fashionable. There are different types of charms available for both male and female dogs, it also helps in finding a dog when it gets lost. Dog collar charm symbolizes your dog’s personality and your love for your pooch.

 9. Behavioural Aid Dog Toy

This adorable toy rejuvenates the rapport which your nervous pup desires at the time of stress due to fear of separation and loneliness. This toy reduces negative behaviours of dog-like barking and whining And also stimulates heartbeat which relieves anxiety among the pets. It helps the dog to relax and encourages their natural behaviour such as exploring and being efficient in making the dog happy.

 10. Matching Pajamas

Matching Pajamas

 Buying a matching pair of pyjamas for you and your furry friend is really adorable. Most of them spend their weekend curled up beneath the blanket wearing the Fuzziest pyjamas, it really looks cool buying the cutest set of matching pyjamas for you and your pup. Pyjamas also protect dogs that are sensitive and lack fur by providing warmth and comfort and protect them from sunburns.

 11. Dog Harness

Dog Harness

Dog harnesses provide improved safety as they cover an extended area of the body, it goes over the shoulders, front limbs, and chest which will effectively control the pooch from escaping. Buy dog harness online from FLB Luxury pet products that will help to stop the dog from jumping, and it is the best way to stop the action without gasping it in the process. It also protects the puppies which can harm themselves while pulling.

 12. Dog Treats

Dog Treats

 We all love to give treats to our dog because it makes our dog happy, providing dog treats make your furry friend wholly concentrate and enjoy the treat. All animals have certain dietary needs to keep them healthy and strong, understanding when and how to use treat benefit health and happiness of your pooch. Some treats are like bone treats and peanut butter treats

13. Chewing Toys

Chewing Toys

Chewing fulfils a number of things such as among younger dogs it relieves the pain caused by incoming teeth, and for older dogs, it keeps the jaw strong and teeth clean. It is the best way to confront boredom and relieve anxiety. Chewing toys are the interactive dog toys as it builds your pooch’s brainpower as it requires a lot of focus.

14. Dog Healing Balm

Dog Healing Balm

 This balm is really powerful and assists in the treatment of skin fold irritation, major yeast infection, and general discomfort due to dry and itchy skin. It consists of natural ingredients like Shea butter, Coconut and Neem oil which is efficient in healing skin irritation and transforming rough and itchy was to incredibly soft. It is the perfect way to pamper your pooch and promote healthy skin.

15. Customized Paw Socks

Customized Paw Socks

 Socks help the dog from slipping floors, gives resistance to older dogs, protect paws from heat and keep paw wound clean. One can also protect their floors against scratches and nail marks,  and paw socks are more comfortable and better than shoes. Dogs enjoy looking good, paw socks are available in a variety of colours to match with collar, coat and an outfit that make them look fashionable.

16. Four Legged Babies Customized Dog Gift Set

Four Legged Babies Customized Dog Gift Set

Gift your dog a very special and handmade luxurious puppy gift set from Four Legged Babies. This Dog gift set includes a luxury dog sofa bed, luxury dog collars, toy bone and customised bone. FLB enhance brand loyalty and provide you with ample customization option and provide you access to design your pup’s product as per your taste

17. Paw Cleaner

Paw Cleaner

Cleaning dog’s paw is very difficult as they get anxious but at the same time, it is important too, as keeping clean reduces the chances of allergies and removes dirt from outdoor adventures. It has a cup-like shape and contains soft silicone bristles inside to gently clean a pooch’s paw

18. Pet Cave

Pet Cave

 A dog bed cave is one of the modernistic comforts that can be given to a pet, and it is really cute. It is found that most of the dogs love cave design and feels at home and safe. It is like a private sleeping space for dogs which allows your pooch to sleep comfortably without any distraction. Safety is guaranteed and caves are made of polyethene.

19. Pet Fountains

Pet Fountains

 It encourages your pet to drink water and removes filth from the water it is very helpful for pets with kidney problems. Pet fountains maintain hydration among pets which in turn improves digestion and increases nutrient absorption power. It is a simple and hassle-free process as it reduces the work of refilling the water again and again.

20. Zoo Snoods

Zoo Snoods

 It helps the dog to stay warm and keep its ear dry, and it is the best gift for your pooch. Dogs really don’t care about getting food all over their face and hair, zoo snood prevents food from getting into dogs hair while eating. Zoo snood makes furry friends look like a giraffe, bear, or a cute bunny,  buying this as a gift for your dog will make them happy and love it.

Show your dog the love and affection that he/ She deserves by gifting them with a present which makes them feel really special.