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You might not think of your personal bed as your treasure, Yet we are sure that you never want to live without that piece of furniture. Buying the finest dog bed will make your fur buddy float among the clouds, As a dog owner, you might have noticed that they sleep a lot, most of them snooze for around 12 to 14 hours a day depending on their age and breed. A dog bed is a place of security it belongs only to the dog, and they should always feel safe and relaxed, It is very important as a pet parent to provide the highest quality bed for your pup, giving them a place of their own benefits both you and your pet.

Importance of having a good dog bed:

It Encourages Your Four-Legged Baby To Sleep In Its Own Bed

 A good dog bed presents your pup with a supportive and comfortable space. It is great if your pup shares your room, but it is better to have a luxury dog sofa bed for your pooch to sleep away from your own bed. Sometimes it’s soothing to have your pooch sleep with you in your bed, but repeatedly it can disturb your sleep especially when the dog is of a large breed that takes most of your sleeping space. Many dogs are doubtful of their fancy new bed for the first few days, introducing a new dog bed to your pup is a simple process that uses positive techniques like hiding some healthy dog treats inside, giving them new bones etc. This encourages your pooch to hang out on its own bed rather than on your furniture.

Easy Washability

Dog Bed Removable Italian Velvet Cover & Machine Washable bed

 At times dogs are not the cleanest animals as they track in mud, grass and dirt, hence it is very important to have an easily washable dog bed. A good dog bed with a removable cover will help to keep your dog’s hair, dander and germs to a minimum. It is very important to have a clean spot for sleeping, we love the feel of freshly washed bedding even for the dog having a bed that is simple to care for make your pup feel fresh and sleep comfortably. Machine washable and dryable bed is essential for older dogs having incontinence issues and young pups who are still in toilet training. A good bed is one that can be easily washed. Having a comfy and easy to clean bed assures your canine that you have provided the best place to nap or relax while not on your lap.

A Good Bed Ensures Better Sleep

Dream Cream Luxurious Dog Bed

Like humans, even dogs need quality sleep to stay healthy, it is important for your dog to feel the ease in their bed as it will dictate the quality of their sleep. A good bed ensures better sleep and also improves your pooch’s memory and makes your dog smarter. Dog bed provides a sense of security especially for the dog with anxiety, when your pooch is well rested it will have more energy dedicated to learning. Dog beds are effective in relieving insomnia by easing anxiety and modifying hyperarousal and hypervigilance. 

Supports Joints

Gingham Luxurious Dog Bed

As dogs grow old they may develop problems like arthritis, hip dysplasia and other joint issues, sleeping on a floor or other hard surfaces can damage your dog’s health. A good dog bed also supports the joints of developing puppies too, in order to ensure a good night rest. An older dog should be provided with an orthopaedic dog bed as they are more prone to joint issues, a good dog bed features health-promoting aspects cedar chips which helps in keeping odour down. The orthopaedic dog beds are suitable for very large dogs as it supports old joints and dogs that suffering from arthritis, using the right mattress can do wonders just like human mattresses there are plenty of orthopaedic options for pets too.

Separate Spot To Relax And Spend Time Alone

Chivalrous Luxurious Grey Dog Bed

Dogs are the den animals who seek warm, safe spots where they can relax, having a dog bed will give your pooch a place to sleep and a place to retreat when it needs time for itself. A dog bed shouldn’t be used as a place of punishment instead it should be a place of security that only belongs to one dog, and it must always feel safe in it. A dog bed is like a comfy nest that restraints its temptation to rebel, giving your dog a bed will keep it away from sleeping where you don’t want it to be. Just like humans even dogs enjoy their own space, providing them with their own space gives them much needed privacy that they require from time to time.

A dog bed will become your pup’s space, caring for your pooch will lead to a great human-fur friendship. Having a dog bed will provide a bundle of benefits it can be used for napping during the daytime and for sleeping at night. Dog beds are spaces that dogs can have all to themselves, whenever you travel you can take this bed along with you so that your pup can rest easier and feel comfortable and less anxious. With a good dog bed, your pooch will sleep more comfortably and a snooze filled with sweet dreams.