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Top 7 Luxury Dog Shampoo That Every Pet Owner Must Have

Dog shampoo is not just for pampering your pooch instead it can have multiple benefits such as using shampoo regularly will clean the coat of your pooch from germs in a better way than bathing your dog just with water. A good shampoo cures the most common skin issues in dogs like dandruff, itchy coat and flea. Generally, your dog should be bathed with a puppy shampoo and conditioner using human shampoo can cause irritation because of the harsh detergent contain, these detergents wash away natural protectants and make your dog vulnerable to infections. Dog shampoos are specifically designed for maintaining the PH level of the skin of your dogs, Always buy shampoo based on what your pet needs for example buying brightening shampoo for the white-haired dog will help their coat in staying bright and white.
Use shampoos specifically labelled for dogs, or gentle human baby shampoo that your vet recommends, dog shampoo manufacturers say their products are gentle enough to prevent stripping the natural oils in a dog’s coat but strong enough to get out the dirt. There are plenty of dog shampoos available, just like a different kinds of human shampoo, the best way to figure out which one will be suitable for your dog requires consent either ask your veterinarian or a professional groomer for advice. Below there is a list of some luxury dog shampoos that every pet owner must-have.

Top 7 Luxury Dog Shampoo That Every Pet Owner Must Have

  1.  OUAI Fur Bèbè Pet shampoo

OUAI Fur Bèbè Pet shampoo

OUAI created a gentle, vegan pet wash that can be used on all your furry friends, It is made with moisturizing, protective ingredients and the same fragrance used in OUAI’s shampoo a and conditioner, Mercer street, which contains notes of Italian lemon, Turkish rose, jasmine sambac, and white musk. Fur Bèbè is the ulti-mutt pet shampoo for hydrating, cleansing, and adding shine to your BFF’s coat. Aloe Vera conditions fur, rambutan seed extract helps to protect fur from pollution while hydrating the skin underneath, hydrolyzed vegetable protein improves fur strength and elasticity to fight breakage, and panthenol adds a shiny finish.

 2.  Luxury dog Oatmeal shampoo

Luxury dog Oatmeal shampoo

This oatmeal is specifically designed to soften and clean your dog’s fur and skin. It eases itching, soothes irritation, minimizes inflammation, and moisturizes the skin, leaves your pup feeling and looking incredible. The ingredients contained in this shampoo are colloidal oat, Avenanthramide extract, vitamin E, Glycerin Citric, etc.

 3.  Hydra Luxury Care Gentle and Moisturizing Dog shampoo 

This premium hydra luxury care formula is designed to be used to maintain your pet’s coat in between grooming appointments. The salon-grade formula is both easy to rinse and quick to dry and also makes bath time pleasant and stress-free for your pooch. This moisturizing dog wash will revitalize your pet's coat, leaving it hydrated and with a natural shine, it is filled with antioxidants to soothe itchy skin by increasing hydration and natural production of collagen and elastin. The pleasant experience will encourage your pet to enjoy grooming.

 4.  Tropiclean Dog shampoo

Tropiclean Dog shampoo

This dog shampoo effectively eliminates pet odours at its source while replenishing the moisture balance of your pet’s skin and coat. The long-lasting tropical scent of aloe and coconut leaves your pet smelling fresh and ready for cuddles. This shampoo has PH-balanced, soap-free paraben-free and dye-free and is made with naturally derived ingredients, that is raw materials or naturally occurring plant or mineral-based raw materials. 

 5.  Luxury dog Shea butter Shampoo

Luxury dog Shea butter Shampoo

This Shea butter shampoo is specifically designed to leave your dog’s coat buttery soft while moisturising dry with premium emollients. Shea butter shampoo adds lustre and shine to your dog’s hair and is gentle for frequent use. Apply the shampoo liberally from head to tail and massage deep into the coat to ensure skin and coat are completely drenched. Avoid contact with the eye area rinse well and repeat as needed.

 6.  Perfume Dog Shampoo 

Perfume Dog Shampoo

Perfume dog grooming and wellness products provide the effective, premium-quality, beautiful-smelling skin and coat care that your dog deserves. The products offered are hypoallergenic, alcohol-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free and made with safe, healthy ingredients and provide long-lasting freshness. One wash and you will feel- and smell- the difference. This shampoo has a perfect PH balance, formulated for the perfect bath, shampoo and conditioner in one, it is infused with a protective, probiotic therapy specially formulated to keep all dog breeds’ skin & coats looking, feeling and smelling their best.

 7.  Isle of Dogs Couture No.10 Evening primrose oil dog shampoo

 Isle of Dogs Couture No.10 Evening primrose oil dog shampoo

An ultrarich, concentrated shampoo is a therapeutic dose of skin-nourishing and moisture-replenishing essential fatty acids to your dog’s coat. Cold-pressed evening primrose oil combines with gentle cleansers for a non-greasy, penetrating treatment to prevent and alleviate dry skin and ass-lasting shine to the hair. Isle of dog's signature Primrose Vanilla cream scent leaves your dog smelling delicious and fresh which is suitable for all dogs.