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10 Things to Remember While Buying Luxury Cat Bed Online in India

We love our cats and want them to be happy, providing your feline friend with one of the best luxury cat beds is bound to keep your pussycat purring. It’s essential to have a sleeping spot where they feel comfortable and safe to make sure that they get enough relaxation and rest they need, even though cats spend the majority of the day sleeping. Cats love their beauty sleep and will lounge on anything soft and cozy, if you don’t want your cat lying on your own couch or bed all day long give them their own bed to enjoy. A cat bed is a place of security that belongs to your feline friend, buying an excellent cat bed will make your cat float among the clouds. A pet bed also protects your home from fur, dirt and pet dandruff on your bed or any furniture and also acts as a shield against the cold hard floor and helps to prevent injuries. Buying a cat bed online may seem a simple task, but it’s more complex than you think, you have a lot of options when it comes to picking cat beds such as size, shapes, colours, coloured patterns, and custom luxury cat beds and designed beds.

10 Things to Remember While Buying Luxury Cat Bed Online in India

 1.  Measurement of your cat

Measurement of your cat

The very essential thing you need to know before buying a cat-bed online is a measurement of your cat. It’s important that you select a bed that fits the size of your cat, use a tape measure and measure your cat from its head to the base of its tail. Choosing a bed of the right length adds a lot to the comfort and ease of your dog, this will ensure that the bed is not too cosy. 

 2.  Size of the bed

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After you have taken your cat's measurements you can start looking for different cat beds. It is essential to make sure your kitty cat bed is appropriate, if the bed you get your cat is too big or too small the cat will not find it comfortable and likely never use it.

 3.  Durability

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The best cat beds are those that are durable and can survive some amount of scratching or biting. If your cat has a habit of scratching or biting the surrounding things including their bed, in such case you may look for a bed that is made up of more durable material you can also opt for an eco-friendly bed which don’t even harm the environment. A durable cat bed can prevent your cat from doing any damage to itself.

 4.  The shape of the bed

Kitty cat bed

It’s also significant to consider the shape of the bed, as there are a lot of different types to choose from. If your cat sleeps curled up, a round bed will be comfortable it is a sort of hug to the body. A dwarfish plush squared bed will also be covered. Your cat’s comfort and support are the most essential factors in buying a bed.

 5.  Washable cat bed

Washable cat bed

Cats can get a better quality of rest if their bed smells good and is spotless. Cat beds can be covered with furs, fleas, and even bacteria. Beds with removable outer covers will enable you to wash the areas that come in contact with your pet, cat beds should be washed regularly at least once a week regular washing will help to reduce the spread of bacteria, as well as cut down on odours. Hence, keeping the bed clean and fresh is much needed.

 6.  Padded cushioned beds

Padded cushioned beds

Cats have distinct daily habits which means that their bed may also differ. These are perfect for cats that love to curl up and sleep most of the day as it offers more comfort, if your cat sleeps on your couch or bed it may love the comfortable cushion. In this case, pick up the cat bed with plenty of padding, it will set your cat up with all the cushioning it could ever want when it goes to take a nap

 7.  Consider your cat’s sleeping habits

Cat bed

Like humans, dogs have certain preferences and needs, if you want your pet to enjoy quality sleep day and night you have to take note of their sleeping habits. A lot of cats alternate in the way they sleep they might curl up or stretch out and make themselves long. This is why it’s important to have a bed the space that dogs can have all to themselves.

 8.  Heated bed

Heated cat bed

A heated cat bed can give your feline friend a place to get out of the cold, supporting his heat. A heated bed offers many benefits that go beyond just keeping your cat warm, if your cat loves sleeping curled up on a heated surface he will enjoy sleeping in a heated bed. When your cat is curled up on a heated bed, that heat can help to loosen stiff, sore muscles and tension.

 9.  Cat bed that suits your home decor

Cat bed that suits your home decor

Our pets are a part of our family and our belongings should blend in with our home decor, the one you buy should be stylish enough to suit your home. Once you have decided where to place the cat bed, make sure you buy one of the right sizes, you don’t want to bring it home and find it does not fit. Purchasing a luxury cat bed that uses neutral colours or natural materials is more likely to give your home a seamless look.

 10.  Choose one with the right material

luxury cat bed

Cats can be particularly susceptible to allergies, make sure you don’t choose anything that can antagonize their allergies. Also pick a material that your cat is comfortable with and likes to snuggle in, no matter what type of cat bed you decide to check for safety. And make sure that the bed don’t have any loose strings that your cat might play with and end up ingesting.