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7 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Dog Collar

Dog collars are both functional and fashionable that is necessary for a morning walk and represents your pup’s unique and playful nature. There is no accessory more essential than collar for a pooch. A dog collar is the simple way to give your pooch an elegance of fashion, these dog collar come in different materials like leather, nylon and metal chain which easily gets dirty, wear or tear with time. Hence, it is very essential to change the collar regularly and know when to change it. Even though some quality leather pet collars can last longer, But check for the weakness in the material because nothing would be more irritating and frightening than your dog’s collar breaking while walking in a busy street.

Generally puppies grow pretty quickly during their first years, so it’s very significant to check the collar’s fit routinely during first years of your pooch’s and also if your pooch experiences weight loss or weight gain be sure to check the fit of the collar and adjust accordingly. It is essential to have a collar of appropriate size in every stage of your dog’s growth and training and ensure that it never slips out of collar.

7 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Dog Collar

 1.  Signs of wear and tear

crimson velvet Luxurious collar

As a pet parent, it is very critical to check if your dog’s collar has any sign of wear and tear because a worn or broken collar can put your dog in deliberate danger. Fabric and nylon collars will be frayed over time and, it is a sign that dog collars need to be changed be aware of the materials in which dog collars are made of as leather collars are not water friendly. If your pooch loves to swim or like to play in the rain, consider purchasing a waterproof collar as it will last longer. Buying luxury dog collars from a high-end dog collar brand ensures the quality of the product. If you find a collar has a broken buckle like plastic buckles may show a crack or begin to bend, the metal buckle may rust then it is the sign to buy a new one.

 2.  Sizing issue

Yellow Dog Collar

An improperly sized collar can not only be annoying for your pooch but also very nasty if you can’t easily slip two fingers between your dog's collar then possibly it is too small and if you find dogs head can slip out of the collar then it is too big for your pooch. Puppies don’t stay small forever and neither do collar last forever, the first two years of your dog’s life is very important when your dog matures from puppy to adult their size and shape will change so the collar your dog wears daily must fit snugly around the neck.

 3.  The collar is dirty or smells

dog collar in dog mouth

Dogs wear their collars when they swim in lakes and while rolling in the dirt, so they are restrained to smell eventual. You can always try to wash the collar in the washing machine on the delicate wash but even after washing if you can still smell your dog’s collar then it’s time to change your dog's collar. If your dog smells even after a bath, it may be because of the collar which is causing an unpleasant odour. Some of the best dog collars can resist becoming dirty for long periods of time, always remove the collar while bathing because many collars shouldn’t be suds.

 4.  Training needs 

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One cannot simply choose a collar and assume that it will meet your dog's need, choosing the right collar and harness for a dog is very essential. If your dog is more prone to pulling on the leash then martingale collars are best as they assist them in training during walks. The activities you do with your dog will help you in determining the style of collar or leash that is required. Collars and leashes play a prominent role in training dogs, if your dog is prone to breaking out of its collar then find a collar with a stronger clasp. It is also not necessary that what’s right for one dog need not be right for another, once they learn their basic training you can switch to a longer leash and allow them to explore.

 5.  If the material doesn’t work for your dog

If you find your dog constantly scratching at its neck, sometimes the material of the collar may no longer work for your particular dog. Cord or Nylon collar will start to fray inside and sometimes collar become too tight, rub against the fur and skin which creates irritation. If the collar doesn’t slacken or has frayed and is itching your dog, then it’s time for a change.

 6.  Based on dogs' behaviour

Black dog with Black Collar

A luxury collar around your canine's neck discloses that he or she is owned by someone who is worried about its whereabouts, as it is often used for the protection of puppies. Dog collars are both functional and fashionable which is necessary for a morning walk and represents your pup’s unique and playful nature, so it is important to change a collar according to its behavioural needs. The use of a collar as a punishment to control excessive barking is not acceptable because punishing a dog with an anxiety disorder is inhumane.

 7.  Tags are hard to read

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If the ID tags on your dog collar are hard to read then it’s time to replace them, your dog's name tags are the only way they can tell the neighbours how to contact their parents when they wander off their own. Keeping your dog's collar up-to-date helps to ensure that they won’t end up in a local shelter, always ensure that tags are securely attached. Imagine if your pooch go out and a good neighbour find them during this time the only way to contact you is by referring tag, but if the tags are hard to read then it will be hard for anyone to call you. Dog tags should include their name, your home address and at least one phone number.