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8 Best Washable Dog Beds

“Waterproof Bed liners protect the mattress inner and keep it clean for longer, so even a muddy working dog can have a super cosy and stylish dog bed”.

Every pet parent considers their pet as part of their family, being cuddled all day by you. One of the important requirements of our dog is to have its own space or corner to sleep or get some rest, cuddling with our dog in our bed is indeed a perfect family but definitely, even our pooch deserves to have a place of its own.

As the dogs often get into a lot of adventures throughout the day, hence it is very important for your pup to have its own washable bed. You may find many preferences while buying, but cleaning beds routinely in order to get rid of the threat of bacteria and dirt has to be given more attention. Therefore, ensure that the bed is machine washable as it will make life effortless. Beds are one of the big investments to make sure that will last long, beds made of quality materials are more likely to convert to quality sleep.

Factors that need to be considered while making a Dog bed purchase:

  • Size of your Dog
  • The material used for fabricating dog bed
  • Sleeping style
  • Washability of dog beds
  • Support and Cushioning
  • Anti-skid base 
  • Having a comfy and easy to clean bed assures your canine that you have provided the best place to nap or relax while not on your lap. It is very important to wash dog beds once or at least once every two weeks to ensure the safety of your pet. Avoid discarding old beds which later deposited in a junkyard, Buying washable dog beds can last longer as they can be laundered over and over again.

    Here Are The Eight Best Washable Dogs Bed1.Crimson Luxurious Dog Bed

    1.Crimson Luxurious Dog Bed - INR 4999

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    It is a comfortable and fascinating velvet bed in which even the most demanding pooches love to sleep and rest. The bottom of the cuddler is distinctively made of  waterproof fabric, hence it demands low maintenance. Edges of this bed serve as a pillow for your pooch. The crimson bed has a very pleasant texture which is easy to clean. It has a removable outer cover, Italian velvet cover is used which is easily washable and can be washed in a washing machine on a delicate wash. It also has a water resistant base in case of any accidents, modern fillers are used which keeps the shape ideal and does not absorb odors.

    2. Delomo Dog Bed - 7400

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    This warm fluffy pet bed no shedding of plush, this pet bed keeps your pup warm and cozy as they snooze the day away in soft, ultra-plush sleeping an area cushioned with a self warming cotton. The bed is made in a perfect donut shape for a pet to curl up in snugly and rest their head comfortably on the raised a side. The dog bed pillow a soft side also supports pets neck, joints, paws for an immediate pain relief after a long day of a jumping and running around. Once you start using this bed your pup feels lazy to get out of a bed and stay away from your couch. It is made with a material that is safe for animals. It is a washable bed, upgraded easy to pull zips make a cover replacement easy and quick that supports a machine for cleaning, after washing you can tap the bed to get a soft feeling.

    3. HACHIKITTY Dog Beds Calming Donut Bed, Puppy Dog Bed Large Dogs, Dog Beds for Medium Dogs Washable 2100 INR

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    It aims at offering the best sleeping experience to our furry friends, made of safe and high-quality faux fur material, safe in the washing machine. It is available in two colors are rainbow and grey, rainbow colors makes pets novel and interesting whereas grey is more versatile. The raised 7-8 inches edge around can provide effective head and neck support for our pooch.

    4.Gingham Luxurious Dog Bed - INR 4,999.00 Sale

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     A sofa like cuddler having four sides that provide security with supportive walls nestled up against. The lavish cloud cotton surface provides plenty of space to stretch out. Gingham bed has a very pleasant texture and can be cleaned effortlessly, a hundred percent cotton cover that can be removable and washable for easy cleaning for daily use. It creates the feeling of security, comfort and soft textured coziness.

    5.Ocean Blue Luxurious Dog Bed - INR 4,999.00 

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     It is suited for all seasons as it keeps the pooch comfortable in summer and warm in weather. Ultra-soft luxurious velvet bed gives your pup the feeling of sleeping in clouds and makes the sleeping surface extraordinarily gentle and provide luxurious snuggles, and offers splendid support to the canine's body and is particularly soothing for stiff joints. It is easy to clean and highly durable, a highly durable velvet that gives long life to bed and more comfort to pets.


    6.Paradise Luxurious Dog Bed - INR 4,999.00 

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    This cozy cuddler has a soft sleep area with bolstered walls for added comfort and support. Your pet will drift off to dreamland when they sleep in our paradise pet bed. The cover of the bed is made with luxurious velvet fabric, giving your pooch the feeling of sleeping in clouds. Easily washable as you can unzip the cover and machine wash it, paradise dog bed consists of removable fills with washable covers. The inside mattress gives your canine special support they deserve.

    7.Akutata Imperial Dog Couch Bed - INR 4,783.83

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     It is ideal for tiny dog breeds weighing up to six pounds, providing your dog with a soft, cozy, and welcoming place to rest and relax. Each fleece pet bed is made of polyester with overstuffed bolsters, creating a nice headrest adding to your dog overall comfort. Easy maintenance pet bed as a hundred percent machine washable and dryer friendly.

    8.Chivalrous Luxurious Grey Cuddler - INR 4999 

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    Chivalrous grey cuddler has a very pleasant texture, paw resistance and is easy to clean. Whether you love cleaning or dread the thought of it, this bed will make your cleaning process effortless. The cuddler is stitched with reinforced threads this makes the cuddler structure strong. Chivalrous grey cuddler is a comfortable and beautiful bed in which edges  of the cuddler bed serve as pillow. Italian velvet cover that is removable and washable for easy cleaning in daily use, it can be washed in the washing machine on a delicate wash. Has a water resistant base in case of any accidents.

    “Waterproof Bed liners protect the mattress inner and keep it clean for longer so even a muddy working dog can have a super cozy and stylish dog bed”.