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What To Look For When Buying a Dog Bed ( Our Cuddler )

“ A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself” -Josh Billings.

After an epic day of Chasing, Digging, Biting, Chewing toys and Barking at strangers, your canine wishes for nothing other than a pleasant nap to regain their energy. As a dog owner you might have noticed that they sleep a lot, most of them snooze for around 12 to 14 hours a day depending on their age and breed. It is very important as a pet parent to provide the highest quality bed for your pup, giving them a place of their own benefits for both you and your pet.

You might not think of your personal bed as your treasure, Yet we are sure that you never want to live without that piece of furniture. Buying the finest dog bed will make your fur buddy floating among the clouds. Having a dog bed will provide a bundle of benefits; it can be used for napping during the daytime and for sleeping at night. Dog beds are spaces that dogs can have all to themselves, whenever you travel you can take this bed along with you so that your pup can rest easier and feel comfortable and less anxious.

A dog bed is a place of security. It belongs only to the dog, and they should always feel safe and relaxed in it, instead it shouldn’t be used as a place of punishment. It is very important to do research and consult your veterinarian about your dog's needs before making a decision. Investing in one of the best ascetic dog beds will make your pampered pooch sleep soundly. While you are opting for a grand dog bed, durability is very important since you’ll be spending more, you want it to be well-built.

Some Important Tips On Choosing The Right Bed For Your Furry Friend

  1. Dog beds act as a shield against the cold, hard floor, and help to prevent pressure injuries.
  2. If your dog is a young pup or likes to chew, you need a more durable bed that does not invite chewing.
  3. Pet beds protect your home from fur, dirt and pet dandruff on your own bed or on any other furniture.
  4. Choose a bed which is correct for your young dog while lying flat or completely stretched out, your dog shouldn’t hang off the bed.
  5. A delegated dog bed provides your pooch with a way of security, realizing a special spot for your dog to cuddle in order that they have refuge in a secure place that least bit times.

Four legged babies, we understand that you don’t consider your dog as a pet instead you consider it as a part of the family. We only offer the highest quality dog accessories and bedding and ensure that your precious pooch stays happy and healthy. Our elegant dog beds take comfort to the next level, and they are ultra-modern, hence they’ll blend magnificently with any home decor.

Types Of Cuddler We Offer are:

Dogs eat treats, vomit, pass gas, scratch fleas, and wipe ointment on their beds, some dogs even urinate on them. The capacity of the bed to throw into the washing machine will be a great help. Absorbent pads for dogs who wet the bed will benefit you because you won’t have to wash the bed but it is important to know if these flat pads fit to your dog bed, because it doesn’t fit well on some cuddler.

For the remarkable experience or adventures with your pet you have to choose light weight beds. These are orthopedic dog beds that are suitable for very large dogs as it supports old joints and dogs that suffer from arthritis, using the right mattress can do wonders just like human mattresses there are plenty of orthopedic options for pets too. Outdoor dog beds will provide your pup with all the comforts of home along with fresh air. Dog beds should be adequately padded and made from cozy material, they should also be easily washable. If you want a dog bed which can be taken to cramping or any adventure, a waterproof or water damping bed can be helpful in preventing them from getting wet. And also It is very important to use those materials that won’t harm the environment, promoting sustainable use of raw material and natural resources is necessary.

Many dogs are doubtful of their fancy new bed for the first few days, introducing a new dog bed to your pup is a simple process. Use positive techniques like hide some healthy dog treats inside, give them new bones etc but never use the dog bed as punishment. Heated dog beds can be good for the dogs with big fur coats and older dogs who deal with dysplasia, arthritis or joints on cold nights. Before making a purchase you need to understand how your pup likes to sleep , if you end up buying a bed that doesn’t fit their needs they may look for comfortable spots to catch their beauty sleep