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Luxury Dog Product To Buy From Four Legged Babies

Four Legged Babies is a luxury dog brand that focuses on first-class materials and high-quality craftsmanship, the products are mainly manufactured in India with great attention to detail and sustainability. Four Legged Babies combines clear design language with exceptional functionality, It came into existence in 2020 solely with the purpose of providing what was missing in the lives of our four legged buddies. All the materials are hand-picked for design, comfort, texture and durability.
FLB is the online luxury pet shopping website in India that offers top quality pet products, Our pets play an integral role in bringing joy and cheerfulness to the house, buying luxury dog products goes a long way in keeping them healthy and happy. While shopping for pet products online you will face certain challenges in finding a luxury dog brand where you can find all the good things for your pet in one place, Four Legged Babies is the leading online luxury dog store in India that offers top quality dog accessories that fulfils all your pets requirements. FLB provides a smooth and absolute experience of online shopping which take care of each and every requirement of pets.

Luxury dog product to buy from Four Legged Babies:

●      Luxury dog collar

Luxury dog collar

 luxury dog collars are both functional and fashionable necessary for both morning walks and symbolic of your pup's unique and playful nature. There is no accessory more important and more essential to a dog's way of life than a collar. Four-legged babies offer you and your dog the finest collection of dog collars available today. The collars offered by Four legged babies are high-quality collars with soft cushioning on the inside which are handcrafted with love and passion. Dog denim cushioned collar, Royal blue velvet luxurious collar, Crimson velvet luxurious collar, Soft sky luxurious collar, Black and Red plaid luxurious collar etc. These are some of the luxurious collars offered by Four-legged babies.

●      Luxury dog harness

 Luxury dog harness

Four legged babies offer high quality harnesses with soft cushioning inside which are handcrafted with love and passion. The harness that Four-legged babies offer will clearly state how they stand by the quality and provide transparent information to customers about quality. A super soft and comfy harness offered by FLB is perfectly cosy and is made with love, The well-fitted shape and the carefully selected fabrics are made for feel-good walks.

●      Luxury dog sofa

Luxury dog sofa

The luxury sofa bed offered by FLB has a very pleasant texture which I s stitched with reinforced threads and makes the bed structure strong. These sofa beds are extremely comfortable and made with beautiful velvet and cotton fabric and make your pooch love to sleep. Inner cushions are made of cotton lining filled with siliconized fiver which is anti-bacterial and dust resistant, Bottom of the bed is made of waterproof fabric.

●      Luxury dog bandana

Luxury dog Bandana

The simplest accessories like bandana have a powerful impact on our dog's look, luxury dog bandana has become a part of fashion trends as it provides warmth, cold, and calming effects. FLB offers the highest quality dog accessories and made sure that every bandana will clearly state how they stand by the quality and available in plenty of designs and styles which are best suited for different occasions like birthdays, holidays, travel and photoshoots.

Luxury dog leash

A dog leash provide improved safety, Using a leash will help to stop the dog from jumping, and it is the best way to stop the action without gasping it in the process. It also protects the puppies which can harm themselves while pulling. Four legged baby is a luxurious brand that believes pets are family and offers a leash that focuses on both durability and style featuring woven ribbon sewn onto comfortable nylon webbing and added cushioning on the inside of the handle. FLB offers different styles of leash and collar sets which also can be paired with a keychain to get a perfect look.

●       Luxury dog Basket

Luxury dog Basket

FLB offers personalised dog baskets which are made from premium quality fabric and durable materials. This super cute toy basket is perfect for gifting your furry friend. A dog basket is a useful addition to canine supplies that keep your pet safe while travelling in the car and makes it possible for you to your pet on planes. The basket should be large enough for your pet to curl up or stretch out when lying down. Dog baskets come in several basic styles, and you have to select the type that suits your pooch and your activities.

●      Luxury dog toy

 Luxury dog toy

As a pet parent it is important to have some durable and large toys that are suitable for your dog's size. Coco moo soft cotton plush, Rope ball toys, Rope tug toys, Velvet bone toys, Nautical rings toys, and Kitty cat toys all are the toys offered by Fourlegged babies. These warm cuddly toys provide comfort and contentment for your pooch and the presence of luxury cozy materials can hold familiar scents and are great for anxious dogs.